The Palm Project

Experimentation and generation of new designs made of palm to reinforce the regional economic development of Guerrero, Mexico. 


Soccer ball that commemorates the 30th anniversary of the alliance between the Mexican football league and the most important Mexican sports brand.



Puppet toys defined by the outline of their shape suitable for babies and children from all ages



Made of a sheet of colored metal capped with a crystal cone, the pattern woven onto the crystal surface serve to diffuse both color and light



This stool uses both cnc machined and also traditional woodworking techniques



Spanish word for diary and everyday, is a brand that searches, recollects and redesigns unique and everyday objects from the place I come from: México


Animal Growth 

Through the use of simple hand tools, this fun worktop breaks down the production process of animal toys manufactured from expanded foam



The duality and an encounter between what is machine made and handmade 



Reused wood from Venice 



Over time the tie and suspenders have been important symbols in fashion history, the Tie Chair uses these functional and decorative elements to acquire its own identity



Tables designed to use more than one at the same space creating a sweet & colorful atmosphere



Just one color leg



Fruit bowl with an elastic surface where the fruit is capable of change it depending on how type and how many fruit do you put on it



Pure geometric lines, nice texture, unique color and a minimal inclination on each element’s shape